Come on!

It’s exciting to be sharing some original music with you all. Also, I had a good ol’ time going through the recording process and here we are now.Growing up in South Texas (Edinburg) exposed me to a wide variety of musical genres such as Country, Rock-n-Roll, Tex-Mex, Spanish and Soul. I feel damn fortunate to have been surrounded by such a varied musical environment and I can tell you that my style is a blend of all these cool flavors.

Time flies when you’re having fun. I can remember as a kid my dad getting a brand new acoustic guitar for his birthday. I picked it up and said, “I’m going to learn to how to play this instrument.” Come on! Now looking back on it I realize my trusty ol’ guitars and music have kept me company through good times and bad and I wouldn’t have it any other way!

These days are a little bit of a blur but this is where playing music started becoming an important part of my life.

I played in various rock-n-roll bands with high school buds. It was cool letting your hair grow out and wearing torn jeans and man, it was some of the best times of my life being rock-n-roll. I definitely learned a lot from my hometown buds.

But I’ve always had country in me.

I joined a country band in San Antonio, Texas and that’s where I felt the connection to good ol’ country music. I jammed and played with talented local musicians and boy did they school my ass. Just like before I continued to learn much about playing the guitar and singing.

Then came…..

Austin, Texas. What a cool city and I have been here ever since. I quickly found out that inspiration is everywhere when you immerse yourself into Austin’s artistic vibe. It seems I find ideas in everyday conversation. My creative influences come from family, friends and all the crazy life experiences. My artistic influences are Stevie Ray Vaughn, Willie Nelson, Travis Tritt, Toby Keith, George Strait, BB King, Johnny Cash and various other incredible artists.

In 2010 after years of working at it, I decided to record some of my original songs. My current music project has been a long-time personal goal and I want to thank my family and friends (you know who you are) who gave me special encouragement to get it done.The first song on the album is called “She Don’t Know”. This particular song is about understanding what you got and taking care of it and pretty much sums up how I try to live my life. This song kicks off the album which has a variety of original music revolving around relationships, feeling good and doing the right thing.

Crank It Up – From Austin, Texas!

Mario Parras